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Hottentots™ is a Marketing company that specializes in BRAND incubation from start to finish, Web Design/Development, Video Editing/Filming, Graphic Design, Photography and Corporate Identity. Our final products are works of art, delivering quality, ALWAYS!

Hottentots™ Bloodline

We did not use pencils nor pens we did not write on paper nor papyrus, we wrote with mud and engraved our heritage on rocks. We drew what we saw and sculpted what we touched.
Birthed in the motherland where creativity is abundant, we walked barefooted and left a long trail of our past. Drinking from imaginative oasis and sleeping on a cloudy mirage, we hunted and gathered knowledge which we shared through trances at the camp fire.
Today, we write in ones and zeros coded in syntax. We paint with imaginary paint brushes and never get our paintbrushes wet. Our walls can be found in households, offices, pockets and purses.
Our creativity dwells between peach shaped clouds and cubed water droplets. We are the future, the creative plug for all your creative requirements we are the modern-day Hottentots™.

Our Recent Work

We pride ourselves in delivering quality to our clientele, peaking our performance and productivity quotas on all efforts. Our pool of inspiration originates from our passion for perfection and gratitude for the arts.

Safiyah Vally
AfrSihadow Civil Engineering
Sesha Mandozi
African Economic Expansion Summit
Amara Essy Presidential Campaign
Curious Youth Group
MosDefinite Salons
MM Afrique
MM Afrique Investments
Check Mate Media

Our Services

Understanding our clients' needs is our most important attribute. When considering a new portfolio our delivery process involves forging the right plan for our clients. We have catagorised our service package into four categories.


Adobe Suit

We provide graphic design services mainly utilizing all the Adobe products.


Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X give us the edge required to deliver unprecedented editing capabilities.



We write code in HTML5, PHP, CSS, MySQL, Objective-C and JavaScript mainly for web using Coda 2.



Through Applied Imagination techniques we solve and implement your complex creative problems.

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Quality Pricing

With years of experience we are able to provide our clientele with more effective costing structures that fit their current needs. Therefore providing adequate remuneration structures that work for them.



per hour

  • Print
  • Website
  • Photography
  • User Interface
  • Corporate Identity


per hour

  • Directing
  • Editing
  • Motion
  • Special Effects
  • Sound Design


per hour

  • HTML5
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • Objective-C
  • JavaScript


per hour

  • Osborn's Method
  • Markov chain
  • Flow Charts
  • Incentive Augmentation
  • Evaluation

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Our clients and projects represent a significantly important milestone in our company growth structure. We love sharing our success with you so you may understand how important we take delivering quality product to our loyal clientele.

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